Quality Objective

Quality has been the backbone of Meshwo International’s success ever since its inception. It has played a vital role in every surface of the business activity. The main objective of Meshwo International is to provide premium quality products that fulfills all the International performance and quality standards and satisfies the customers’ needs. This matchless quality of products has helped the company to gain good reputation in the industry and high market share even in this competitive age.

Quality Policy

Meshwo International is committed to a total quality culture. The company’s policy is to develop and maintain an efficient Total Quality Management Program that fulfills and maintains the customers’ quality requirements. The company is well – equipped with latest machinery and assisted by talented and experienced human resource. They constantly work hard and see that the quality of the products is maintained and improved at each level of manufacturing process.

Quality Control

The world of agri export has revolutionized to a greater extent over the last decade. It has now become an industry requiring a detailed knowledge of physical, microbiological and toxic profiles of products of developed markets.

Meshwo International is one of the exporters authenticating all the rules and regulations of advanced markets in UAE and USA and provides quality products to its customers. There is a Quality Control and Analytical Laboratory to fulfill the requirements of the clients and customers. The company has tie ups with various Research laboratories and follows Good Laboratory Practices to achieve definite results in quality. Here, highest priority is given to the quality control and provisions are made to ensure that there isn’t any drop in the quality levels.

Quality Assurance

Meshwo International believes that “Quality is the only reason for success”. It is also the main key to build trust among customers for the company. So, it is necessary to meet the quality requirements of customers. To achieve this objective, the Quality Assurance Department of Meshwo International has physical, chemical, instrumental and micro – biological sections equipped with latest analytical instruments. Our products are tested on many parameters like Edibility, Hygiene, Nutritive value and many more. Meshwo International makes constant efforts to improve the products on these parameters. This helps it to provide the premium quality products to the customers fulfilling their requirements.